‘Met the business after dropping out of University and looking to increase my skill set and a possible career. Never had sales experience and my working background was in hospitality.

The COD coaching programme gave me the confidence to succeed in the industry. All I had to provide was my commitment, work ethic and the desire to succeed.

I completed the 1st 5 stages of the business development programme in 18 months to earn the right to incorporate and set my own business without my own capital investment, this is provided by the work you’ve done to progress and the success of your work once on stage 5.

At the age of 26 my lifestyle and opportunity Is very different to my friends and family; words cannot describe how thankful I am for the opportunity given to me.

There is no guarantee to succeed, you must be prepared to do more to get more. But for those who believe that they have the character to succeed where others don’t prove it.

I run my own business in direct sales and I am proud in the service that my business provides and the standards we have. Most of all I am proud to recruit, develop and give the best opportunity I know to others. People are our business and I care about people.’



‘ I started in Clover Advertising initially just to gain some work experience as I had never worked before. At first I was apprehensive as it was a whole new world I had never thought about. After completing my initial coaching assessments, I felt the development I was given already gave me the confidence to go on and achieve my goals. I exceed the expectations not only of the company, but mainly of myself. I now feel I have a solid skill set I can go and build and develop my own career from.’

‘ As a graduate I was struggling to find any graduate jobs that would provide me with the opportunity to implement my education. Due to the recession, I found it more and more difficult to find work. I applied to Clover Advertising online and got a quick response from their recruitment team. It was so refreshing to hear someone cheerful on the phone who was willing to help me. After my first appointment I could tell from the environment this was some where I wanted to build my career. Since then I have had 2 promotions within the company, and I am still provided with the opportunity to keep on learning and developing my own abilities on a daily basis.’


‘ I have been part of the Clover team now for 3 years and I have learnt how to build my self confidence in an industry which I had little to no experience. I had qualified from University with a first class honours, but had no idea what to do with it. I was given the chance to work alongside Gareth and the team, who made me feel part of something for the first time. Although I was not the fastest learner, the techniques and coaching facilities within Bristol, allowed me to develop at my own pace and the clear systems were easy for me to follow. I am now at a stage within my career where I can make my own decisions and have a business mentality to everything I do which has helped me achieve my goals.’