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Meet The Team At Clover Advertising Ltd

Gareth Byrne


Gareth Byrne founded Clover Advertising Ltd in 2004. As head of the Organisation he takes a hands on approach to the ground level coaching and development within his organisation to ensure the foundations remain strong. Our industry is definitely a people’s business and this is part of the core values within the organisation, which Gareth strongly believes in when dealing with his team and clients alike. Gareth has been a huge influence on the expansion of the company, through his vision and dedication has allowed for the success of others and he is always looking for his next success. With an enthusiasm for travel, you can often find Gareth networking in the different countries and always on the lookout for new ideas to help the business as it ever changes and develops forward. The growth of his company has also been aided by working alongside the ‘Cycle of Development’ online training tool, which has seen a 6 stage programme allow individuals to develop at their own pace.

Arnaud Le Floch


Arnaud started his journey in our Bristol location, learning alongside Gareth, his ambition and work ethic have seen him be a huge part of the expansion in Belgium and more recently France. Arnaud has always shown a dedication to lead people and show them by doing. He has achieved so much in such a short space of time that we can’t wait to see what his next adventure will be. Currently working hard in France with new clients and a new location, Arnaud has a brilliant team around him, with the likes of Arnaud Jean Marius and Regis Hlomaschi. The next 6 months are crucial in France but we know that by following the systems and putting time into people the results will naturally happen. The continued development in Belgium is in safe hands with Rene Bodson and David Cherenti, following on from where Arnaud left and becoming masters of the industry on their own merit.