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About Us

Clover Advertising Ltd is an established Sales and Marketing Company based here in the UK and in Europe. Our philosophy is simple; provide clients with great customers both in volume and quality. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service standards alongside brand awareness and client satisfaction. Over the last 10 years we have become experts within the industry and now have expanded the company through Belgium and France, working with more clients and adapting our approach to make every clients experience unique.




Clover Advertising Ltd has been working alongside national and international clients for over 10 years now, providing them with brand awareness and customer acquisition in a quantifiable format allowing flexibility and an experience dedicated team to meet all needs. We generate customers in a number of ways for our clients, whether it is through business to business, residential or events marketing. Since starting the company, the industry has changed massively and due to the current economic climate, the necessity for something cost effective, measurable and more importantly profitable; we have more companies than ever before coming to our doorstep for business. The industry we are in is proven to be one of the most effective ways of portraying a client’s brand to a potential customer and then converting them into a new customer.

Whist more traditional forms of marketing and advertising (TV, billboards, magazines etc.) can be costly, non-quantifiable and non-adaptive, as well as risky with no return guaranteed, these companies are now happily turning to Clover Advertising, who can provide quantifiable, adaptable, highly trained customer acquisition teams.